Making of AN

An is a short film created as a result of the Creative Code for Animation and Video specialization at CENTRO. An tells the story of an android who uses technology to alleviate its loneliness. It serves as a metaphor for individualism and the inherent human need for companionship, both in a sensory and social context. Ultimately, when direct human connection is lacking, the character seeks a solution with the aid of technology, echoing the theme of social distancing prevalent in our current pandemic era. We live in a society that fulfills various needs through the digital realm, making it plausible that technological evolution could one day satisfy these sensory needs without leaving home. The issue with loneliness, however, is that even with the best technology, things can go awry. What happens when there's no one there to support you?

Director: Manuel Estrada
Writer: Valerie Busquets Vass
Art DIrector: Josue Farrera Suarez
Music: /
Production Space: CENTRO
Key Cast "An": Itziar Larrieta
Key Cast "An_2": ElĂ­as Toscano



MOCAP Review

Storyboard & Animatic

Octane render